My Journey to the Lens.

Hi, I'm Cassie – the face behind the lens, a wife, and a mom to two amazing kids, Carson and Clara. Let me take you on my ride from pediatric psych nurse to a full-time mompreneur and photographer.

Entrepreneurship runs deep in my family, a trait passed down from my parents and grandparents. Growing up, I always knew I'd like to start my own business; the challenge was figuring out what that would be.

As a child, I was a dreamer with my head in the clouds, balancing dreams with trying to be a top-notch student. Little did I know, those dreams were laying the foundation for my future.

Life led me to the military, a practical choice at the time. My then boyfriend and now husband and I were trying to find a way to get a head start in life and explore the world away from our really small town. In the military I became a combat medic which showed me how much I love to help others. After falling in love with healthcare, I pursued a career in pediatric psych nursing. While fulfilling, a persistent desire to create something different lingered. I never called myself an artist as I am not good at the typical artsy stuff like drawing, painting, etc. That being said I always loved beautiful and artsy things like singing, photography, theater, and admiring others art. In 2019, I picked up my camera again and began shooting as an outlet and was shocked when I realized I am kind of good at this! I hadn't really had a huge interest in photography since I was a teenager, as I was now a busy mom and nurse, but I think my younger sister's interest in it resparked mine! I found myself backseat editing her photos wanting to learn more, and "borrowing her camera". I eventually upgraded my little Canon Rebel and got myself a full frame professional camera! Soon I was constantly shooting literally every day mostly my kids and pets, and even managing to get a few clients by offering free sessions and coaxing family friends. Surprisingly to me, my work was being well received.

By 2021 I was getting even more clients, and they were actually paying me! Photography was slowly consuming all my free time as I was trying to juggle my nursing job and being a mom and wife as well. After a year of juggling a career and passion, I boldly decided to turn my photography hobby into a full-time business. I invested thousands into my business and education. I started working with seasoned photographers learning everything I could. My husband, John, trusted and supported me, becoming a vital part of our little family business. He even got into photography himself but later realized he had real talent for videography. I of course roped my sister in as well since it was her photography that inspired me in the first place. She has always had a really good eye for detail and her work was phenomenal even in her beginning stages.

I don't want to make it sound like everything came easily, because it didn't. We also started all this right before COVID which really made things even more complicated. Transitioning from hobbyist to professional wasn't a walk in the park – it involved countless hours of learning, tutorials, books, and classes, and learning business as well as financial investments. I had to learn how to run a profitable business I could be proud of. I had to learn to be my best and worst critic so that I could keep growing. Being a successful photographer goes beyond capturing stunning pictures; it's about reliability, exceptional client experiences, and expertise in all situations.

Fast Forward to today, Here I am – a dreamer turned mompreneur, capturing life's beauty. Grateful for my clients, my family's support, and the inspiration my children bring. I get to do what I absolutely love every single day and I still get to serve others in a beautiful way. I'm committed to making clients' memories last a lifetime and growing each year. Each shutter click is a testament to childhood dreams, adult determination, and a love for creating lasting memories. Join me, and let's cherish those beautiful moments together!