What a Wedding Day with Jean-Leigh Photography Looks Like...

Are you interested in understanding our approach to capturing unforgettable moments and creating stunning images for your special day? Allow me to guide you through a typical client journey from the beginning to the end. Keep in mind that each client is unique, and there may be additional steps or special requests tailored to your preferences.

1. The Inquiry:

To connect with us, simply utilize our contact form on the website or follow the link provided to schedule a consultation. When reaching out, please share your wedding date and any relevant details about your event to help us understand your needs better. We strive to respond promptly, typically within 24-48 hours. Don't be surprised if you receive an email back within 10 minutes when using our contact form. Additionally, inquirers through the contact form will receive an interactive brochure containing more information about us and our pricing. Most clients find our services align with their budget, ranging between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars on average, with various packages available.

2. The Consultation:

Upon receiving our brochure, you can easily select preferred services and schedule a 15-30 minute consultation. This meeting allows me to delve deeper into your preferences, must-haves, and style. I also inquire about your venue and the specifics of your day. I encourage potential clients to come prepared with questions, fostering an open dialogue to ensure a perfect fit. Whether you're still exploring options or certain about choosing us, a video or phone call is always encouraged. It's crucial for you to feel comfortable with our team, as we'll be by your side throughout the entire day.

3. The Booking:

Following our consultation, a customized proposal detailing our discussions will be sent to your email for your consideration. If you decide to move forward, you can sign the contract and submit a 20% deposit. The remaining balance can be settled in full up to one week before the wedding. We also offer flexible payment plans and are open to accommodating requested changes to packages or contracts. Once signed and paid, consider us officially booked!

4. The Engagement Session:

This stage, one of my personal favorites, involves scheduling an engagement session through a calendar we provide upon booking. Included in all packages, these sessions help us establish a rapport before the big day, familiarizing you with prompts and poses. While engagement sessions aren't mandatory, they significantly contribute to a smoother wedding day. If couples opt out, the hour can be repurposed for other occasions like a bridal shower, bridal portraits, or a rehearsal dinner. Engagement photos are typically delivered within 2-3 weeks.

5. Communication:

Leading up to your wedding day, expect a mix of automated and personal emails from me. Designed to be non-intrusive, these serve as periodic check-ins to ensure all is well and that nothing has changed. I am always available via email or phone, providing my personal number for emergency use. I commit to responding to emails within 24 hours or less, valuing effective communication.

6. Follow-Up Meetings:

I recommend at least one more video or phone call before the big day, focusing on finalizing timelines and addressing any lingering questions. This is also an opportune time to involve your wedding planner, if applicable. I enjoy contributing to the timeline planning process, leveraging years of experience to ensure a seamless event. Additional calls are available, with up to three offered at no extra cost, recognizing that some weddings may require more detailed communication.

7. The Big Day:

Excitement abounds as the big day arrives. If you choose both videography and photography services, our team, accompanied by an assistant when needed, will be present. We always arrive a bit early, even at familiar venues, to conduct a thorough walkthrough, liaise with coordinators, planners, and other vendors, ensuring a smooth start. The initial focus is on capturing the details, including a flat lay of your personal touches and the iconic dress shot, typically completed within 30-60 minutes. We then proceed with coverage as contracted, capturing candid moments, orchestrating any necessary shots, and seamlessly blending into the background when documenting more candid or editorial-style moments. Our videographer often captures drone footage during this time. As the day progresses, we remain helpful, carrying wedding day necessities, and providing support to alleviate any nerves. After completing the getting-ready portion, we move on to any first looks, pre-ceremony photo ops, and ceremony preparations. For couples opting for videography, discreet recorders are strategically placed on the bride, groom, and officiant to capture vows without intrusion. We coordinate angles for optimal shots during the ceremony, and if videography is chosen, multiple cameras are set up for various angles. Following the ceremony, my role transitions to directing family and bridal photos, ensuring efficiency and adherence to the planned timeline. We then shift the focus back to the couple, capturing a mix of beautiful, prompted moments, candid instances, and editorial-style poses—my personal favorite part of the day. The remainder of the evening is dedicated to capturing the celebratory moments at the reception, including group photos and any agreed-upon sunset sessions. We adopt a discreet role towards the end of the night, ensuring minimal intrusion on your special moments. A final check-in occurs about 20-30 minutes before departure to address any last-minute requests or candid shots, concluding with a warm farewell.

8. Photo Delivery:

Upon returning home, we prioritize backing up all captured moments on a local hard drive and in the cloud. Memory cards from your wedding are securely stored. Within a few days to a week, you will receive an extensive sneak peek of key moments, offering a glimpse into the final gallery. Sometimes, a blog post may be created at this stage for you to share. Your comprehensive final gallery, presented in a stunning layout, will be delivered via email within 6-8 weeks, or sooner in certain cases. High-quality image downloads allow you to create prints as desired. Sharing your gallery with family is encouraged, giving them the opportunity to order prints. If you've chosen videography, your videos will likely be delivered around this time. During peak seasons, videography may take 6-12 weeks, with regular updates provided. Following the receipt of your gallery, we'll send an exit email to gather feedback and kindly request a review, contributing to the trustworthiness of our services for future couples.

I hope this overview has provided valuable insights into what it's like working with us for your wedding photography and/or videography. Our commitment is to exceed expectations, and we look forward to the opportunity of capturing your special day. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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