Why this portion of the wedding is one of my favorite things to capture...

While getting ready photos may not be an obvious first choice, I seriously LOVE them. I like to capture the excitement and emotion while my clients prepare. Those priceless moments with the bridesmaids, mother, sister, or anyone else who is assisting. These photographs usually end up being my favorites. There's something about the jitters leading up to the wedding, the small moments of "this is it," and the often booze-induced chuckles with your best friends. This part is primarily candids. However, I will give some direction when getting certain photos of you getting into your dress, your mom or maid of honor helping you zip or button, you taking the dress off the hanger and more.

Our tips to improve your getting ready experience...

What To Wear:

You'll want to ensure that you're getting ready in a way that you'd want to be captured on photos. It's absolutely up to you how you go about doing so. For some brides, having her bridal party wear matching outfits is the way to go. Robes or zip up jackets are great for preserving makeup and hair when it's time to change. Plan whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident! After all, you're not just making memories on your wedding day; you're also preserving them.

The Getting Ready Space:

After your venue and ceremony area, the getting ready space is the most important space on your wedding day. It's where you'll spend the morning with your wedding party, get ready and have photographs taken. When picking a location for getting ready, look for an open space with plenty of natural light. Consider renting out a lovely Airbnb or boutique hotel room if the space provided by your venue for getting ready does not seem to be a suitable fit.

Quick tips:

If you want clutter-free images, designate a room or a section of the room as the bag area and keep the majority of your belongings there. Try and keep getting ready areas tidy.

For some extra fun and stress relief, bring some champagne and nice glasses, bring some music, have a charcuterie board or snacks! These all make for happy Brides and Bridesmaids, as well as great photos!

Allow for a little extra time. This will help ease the stress and allow time for some pampering and hanging out with the ladies. I often see hair and makeup take a little longer than expected, so this helps lower the stress.